Read & Mark your Words

 I like to give two tips on how to give meaning to your written healing words:

It is very powerful to read your written words out loud to yourself. This way you give them a voice and they come alive!

You honour yourself and your Soul by this act of healing on an even deeper level: your throat chakra. You start to speak your truth!

Remember, healing does not mean you have to fix what is broken, but it is about bringing back together all your long lost parts, so you can shine bright like the beautiful and wonderful Flower that you are.

After you have read your writings, I encourage you to HIGHLIGHT the sentences that touch you the most. 

And, if you like and dare, SHARE those words on one of your social media accounts (if you have them). Tag me on Instagram or Facebook – so I can read & share your words too.

This is really powerful! You don’t only speak your truth, but you also show the Universe you are willing to show your true face and vulnerability. By doing so, you set an intention and your life starts to change, step by step.

The one thing that scares us the most is often the thing that can bring us the greatest healing,
because behind the wound is the wonder!

“All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.”

Ernest Hemingway