Let’s start

We are going to dive into Chapter One – Discover your Life.

In this first chapter of your Book of Life you are going to explore yourself on a more deep and profound level, but also in an easy and ‘chill’ way.

Intuitive Writing is about letting the words flow from your heart onto the paper without fear or judgement. All is fine.

It is like a great adventure of self-discovery, like life itself. Don’t take it too seriously, but also don’t take it too lightly, it is about balancing in between.

Between both worlds, where you connect Heaven and Earth by writing your deepest thoughts and beliefs, so you become your own channel and aware of what is alive within you that wants to be seen and acknowledged.

Time to put an end to hidden and lived lifetimes. It is time to discover your (new) life. Let yourself be guided, your heart and soul know the way.

If you feel you still need closure of past stories, I recommend the ‘Heal and Write’ – Intensive. 7 days of Intuitive Writing exercises to help you see things in a new way. Get a clean slate to
then start to Discover your Life through the Book of Life – Program.

What you are going to discover in this chapter

You are here because you hear an inner call. Your life is fine in itself, but something is still missing. There must be something more to life. You feel it, but it is still hidden. In this chapter
of the Book of Life, you are going to dive deeper into your inner world to bring up what is waiting to be found, using Intuitive Writing exercises. You are going to discover what makes your heart sing, when are you in alignment and when not, what drives and inspires you and to what extent this is already present in your life. But first, I am going to share the principles of Intuitive Writing and how to create a safe space to do this healing work.

I am grateful to be your guide on this sacred journey. From my heart to yours.