Why do we write?

Intuitive Writing is a tool of Self-Discovery

To tell stories, to organize our world, to communicate with loved ones, to capture what we might otherwise forget. But writing can also be a direct line to our deepest self, a path to understanding who and why we are. It can reveal what we didn’t know we knew, and open doors to a wider awareness of all that lies within and around us.

It can heal our past and enrich our present, comfort and inspire us. Writing is a fantastic way to get clarity, to be present in your life and also be a witness in your life and is therefore also a kind of meditation practice.

When you get your thoughts and beliefs down on the page, you get it out of your body. The writing process demands a certain quietness that the rest of the day often doesn’t allow for. We don’t get quiet enough to get our own answers to our questions, except when we get into the trance of writing.

Intuitive Writing brings you in that state of nondual awareness, where you can distance yourself from the same old stories that are going on in your mind and connect with the space of unlimited possibilities. The space between spaces, the world between worlds, the unified field where all exists and non-exists.

The World Between Worlds

The World Between Worlds is a state of being where you are neither your body nor your mind, but where you can get in touch with your Soul, or Higher Self, through your body and mind.

You need your body and mind in this reality to create your Soul’s vision, your blue print. When you are out of touch with your Self, you are out of alignment, and life can start to feel like a struggle. Like you have to push and pull to get things done. You are forcing and controlling and out of flow.

Intuitive Writing helps you to get back into the flow-state. First, only when you are writing, but when you keep applying and practicing this sacred work, it suddenly starts to flow in every area of your life.

Intuitive Writing can certainly be compared to meditation. When you ‘do’ it more often, it gets easier. Before you know, you can enter that space of unlimited awareness almost automatically and it becomes a way of living.

This is where the ‘magic’ starts to happen. You start to experience certain coincidences and synchronicities. Some call this the law-of-attraction or manifesting, and it kind of is. I don’t like to call it like that though. To me, calling it like that still feels like we are in control; like humans are the energy force behind everything.

It might be, it might not be. I leave that up to you. I believe we are the creators of our life for sure, but not from a place of superiority, but in co-creation and existence with the natural flow of the Mother Earth, The Universe and our Soul (mission).