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Meet Be Budding

I warmly welcome you to my Magical World, where you unlock your Creative Potential and find your Soul Purpose.
My name is Bianca, also known as Be Budding. For years I worked in financial services, until one day I decided to completely change course and listen to the Call of my Soul. This is how I transformed from a financial employee into an Intuitive Writer.


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, creativity and purpose?

My online courses are designed to guide you on a path of Intuitive Writing and help you uncover the true Essence of your Soul’s Purpose.

What is Intuitive Writing?

Intuitive writing is a kind of meditation and spiritual activity that allows you to connect with ALL that is.

Through this practice you to gain more clarity about Yourself and the Path of your Life.

You can compare it with automatic writing, but through Intuitive Writing you particularly connect with your Soul and Source.
It activates your psychic abilities and awakens your clairsentience, opening doors to a new way of being.

What I offer you:

Intuitive Writing Courses

Dive into the World of Intuitive Writing, where words flow effortlessly from your Soul to the page.
Learn how to tap into your inner wisdom and connect with the magic of your Soul’s voice.

Soul Purpose Exploration

Uncover the deeper meaning of your Life by exploring your Soul’s Purpose.
My Courses will take you on a profound quest to understand your passions, talents, and how you can make a meaningful impact on the World.

Why work with me?

Experienced Instructor

I am a seasoned expert and an example that you too
can find your Soul Purpose through Intuitive Writing.

Holistic Approach

I believe in a holistic approach to personal growth.
My courses combine creative expression, self-reflection,
and spiritual insights to help you connect with your Authentic Self.

Online Convenience

Learn at your own pace, from anywhere in the World.

My online platform allows you to access course materials 24/7 and connect with a like-minded community of Soul finders.

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Discover Your Life

Part 1 of the Book of Life – Program where you discover your true story and purpose in this lifetime through 3 weeks of Intuitive Writing exercises.

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Book of Life

Complete Book of Life – Intuitive Writing & Soul Purpose 3 -month program where you learn to Discover, Create and Live Your Soul Purpose

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healing writing

Heal and Write Intensive

Seven days of Intuitive Writing to heal and transform old beliefs and karmic stories.

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365 - day digital journal

Write your Heart Out

A 365 - day digital journal to boost your writing routine.

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Whether you are an experienced writer or a complete beginner, my courses are open to all.

Hear your Soul’s Voice, discover your Purpose, and connect with a community of kindred spirits who share the same journey as you.
My private Support & Connect group is open to everyone who participates in the Book of Life – Program.

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