Writing is healing

By ‘healing’ I do not only mean healing old and karmic wounds, but also and foremost I mean ‘become whole’. Healing is a remembering of who you truly are by integrating all your parts and abilities you had forgotten, such as the clairsenses. We restore Heaven on Earth – The Garden of Eden – Nirvana by doing this inner work of healing (unification).

To do this energetic work it is important to ground yourSelf, so your Soul can safely enter your body. I like to remind you of your inner sacred garden. Connect with that inner space when doing this work, or when you feel unstable or out of balance.

Reminding yourself of that safe space immediately brings you into your body and the present moment, and the inner knowing that you are always safe and cared for. If needed listen to the Sacred Space Meditation again, or start the Heal & Write Intensive, to transform energetic cords of the past in new golden threads to weave the tapestry of the future.

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