Healing and Growing into something new usually starts as a response to what becomes a “border experience”; an experience in which an individual feels trapped within the limits of his existing self-image.

This makes the person question the current situation and the associated requirements. What once was safe does not feel safe anymore. ‘What is true and what isn’t?’, is the main question that keeps occuring in this person’s life.

This is the start of the souljourney; the search for meaning.

Stories built up in an earlier phase of life prevent this person from growing further in his soul, and this is felt. It is the ‘border’ everyone encounters in their life at a certain moment.

The question is:
‘Are you going to do something about it, or are you going to ignore it?’.

Are you going to search for the hidden door, or do you try hard (and harder) to maintain your present situation? This last can turn out into a burn-out, or even worse, a (mental) disease.

We are Nature. Our Body and Soul are connected. When one of them is being ignored, continuously, it will show up in reality in an expression of misalignment.

When you ignore the Call of your Soul your Flower withers….

That is why I am so glad to see you here! You decided different. You decided to honour the voice of your Soul and therefor yourSelf.

These ‘old stories’ are not a burden though. They are a gift! Those stories are only half understood or experienced unconsciously; it is intuitive, silent knowledge.

“The Wound is where the Light enters.”

~ Rumi

This knowledge must literally be put into words, so creating a new reality for yourself becomes possible. The process in which silent knowledge gradually gets a voice, begins by feeling the emotions which the ‘border experience’ evokes.

You do this through the Intuitive Writing exercises in this Heal and Write Intensive.

Through these exercises you can compare your circumstances with previous experiences and start developing analogies from which new and higher personal concepts / stories emerge.

With the help of these concepts – answers that you have written in collaboration with your Intuition/Soul/Higher/Future Self – you can give the borderline experience a place in a new story, and you will get a feeling of the magical life that opens up for you.

Start your Healing & Writing Journey now.

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