Exercise 1: Self-Portrait

This exercise was also in the free Intuitive Writing Guide, but in case you did
not do the exercise you can do it right now.

Even when you did the exercise, I suggest you do it again. We are all
subject of change and you can always discover new things about yourself
or see yourself from another perspective (today).

Write a short self-portrait of 10 to 15 lines starting with:

The person who wrote this has….

Go to your workbook to fill out the assignment.

Have you written your self-portrait? Now read it out loud.

Let it sink in for a moment.

This is from where you will start writing your Book of Life. It is good to know where you are at right now. You don’t have to make things better or worse than they are.

Just observe. Be the observer of your Life. There is nothing more you have to do. Look, feel, sense without any judgements. Look at it, look at your life, as a story.

A story that unfolds. A story that isn’t finished yet. A story that holds a promise. A mystical story, that could feel like a normal life. Like today is just an ordinary day like every day.

But there is something in the air…you know it. Something you can smell, almost hear and touch.

You are curious about it.

To come closer to ‘that thing’ you have to become very aware of your present feelings and environment. You have to get in touch with yourself and your life at this very moment.