Heal Yourself


Seven Days of Intuitive Writing

To Heal and Transform Old Beliefs and Karmic Stories

Your Soul has something to tell, are you ready to listen and step out of your karmic loop?

We all lived through lifetimes to arrive at this point of our Souljourney.

We are in a Beginning Time now; a time where we can release the old stories and step into new ones.

Old karmic and ancestral stories, which have been confronting us through our life experiences over and over again.

This Lifetime is special. It holds a Promise.

We are healing; which means we are reclaiming all of our parts a we remember our Magic!

We have to opportunity to tie our loose ends together and weave a new tapestry. The Cycle can be completed, if we choose to.
It is time to step through the portal of time and into your Soul Promise.

In this 7-day Intuitive Writing Intensive you are guided through 7 important life topics.

Start to Write & Heal so you can step into the new unfolding story that is waiting for you to be written.

writing is healing

What you receive

Heal Yourself is a 7-day online intuitive writing course to help you uncover and transform your stories on these 7 life-topics:

  • HOME
  • WORK 
  • LOVE 

You receive access to:
– Online Learning Environment;
– Intuitive Writing Guide;
– Sacred Space Meditation;
– Intuitive Writing Exercises;
– Inspiring Digital Workbook,
– Inspiration Quotes.

The price of the Heal Yourself Intensive is only: €27

- a first step into uncovering your soul story -

Dear Bianca, thank you for your course, which provides inspiration, peace and joy. It feels very special to be writing on these topics. Still have 5 to go, I really write when I feel it. Love what you have created, it is very special!
Karin Meidema

If you have any questions, send an email to info@bebudding.com

Love to see you inside!

Be Budding

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Heal Yourself Intensive