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Discover your Life

Discover your true Lifestory
using Intuitive Writing Exercises

Discover your Life is the first Chapter (course) of the Book of Life – Program.

You can start the complete Program for a special price, or just take the first step into your new life by starting with the Discover your Life – Course.

The purpose of the Discover your Life – Course is to gain insight into your Life & Story.

Discover your Life is a transformative online course where self – discovery meets life exploration.

You are going to observe yourself and your life thus far, explore your past and write about the life you truly desire.

All of this comes together in a common thread that is woven through your past, present and future, and is the reflection of your true Soul Desire.

Through introspective writing exercises you connect the dots of your experiences and feelings into a narrative that unveils the Promise you hold.

When you join this journey of self-exploration and craft a life that resonates with the Essence of your Authentic Self.

Start to discover and embrace your own creation power – you shape your destiny – and embark on the quest of discovering your life today.

What you receive

Discover your Life is a 3-week online intuitive writing course to help you find your purpose in life.

You receive access to:

– Online Learning Environment;
– Intuitive Writing Guide;
– Sacred Space Meditation;
– Intuitive Writing Exercises;
– Inspiring Digital Workbook;
– Resource List, and
– Lots of Inspiration.

Price Discover your Life: €127

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I followed the writing course ‘Discover your Life’ by Be Budding to understand myself better and it did meet my expectations. I mostly loved the magical correlation between simplicity and depth of things. The Intuitive Writing exercises gave me a lot of insights. I strongly recommend this course to my friends and other writers!
Dr. Zainab Ansari
Professor and Author, @whitepurplezainu

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Love to see you inside!

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